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Dummy Cigarettes


Why would you want one?

All of us have had times when we really do crave for a cigarette but what can we do if we are on a plane or in some other no smoking environment? With the ban on smoking in public places we will have to do without more and more often and this is when the Tarlock dummy cigarette can be a godsend.

OK, it isn't the same but it does feel comfortingly familiar and gives you something to do with your hands while you wait for the real thing.

But do be aware that the Tarlock dummy cigarette looks so real, that you may be requested to put it out. (This can be fun, especially if you're approached by an official!)


As a quit smoking aid

The Tarlock dummy cigarette allows you to go through the motions of smoking without doing yourself any harm. You inhale air through the dummy cigarette in the same way as you would from a real cigarette but although our dummy cigarettes taste of nicotine for up to 4 weeks, they do not contain tar, nicotine or tobacco.

dummy cigarette

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